FastJet is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

FastJet Contrib

The fastjet-contrib space is intended to provide a common location for access to 3rd party extensions of FastJet.

Download the current version: fjcontrib-1.037 (released 20 July 2018), which contains these contributions. Changes relative to earlier versions are briefly described in the NEWS file.

After downloading and unpacking, enter the fjcontrib-1.037/ directory and then run

./configure [--fastjet-config=FILE] [--prefix=...] [...]
make check         # optional
make install
By default the package installs to the same directories as the FastJet installation.

A contribution named "SomeContrib" is usually accessed by including "fastjet/contrib/SomeContrib.hh" in your C++ file, and linking with -lSomeContrib.

Developers who wish to develop their own contribution or submit new ones should use svn to checkout the contrib framework,

svn checkout fjcontrib then run a local script to get the current set of individual contribs cd fjcontrib/
and follow the instructions in the README and DEVEL-GUIDELINES files.