fastjet is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

FastJet Contrib

The fastjet-contrib space is intended to provide a common location for access to 3rd party extensions of FastJet.

Download the current version: fjcontrib-1.054 (released 1 March 2024), which contains these contributions. Changes relative to earlier versions are briefly described in the NEWS file. As of version 1.047, FastJet Contrib requires a C++11 compiler (with g++ this should be at least version 5.1).

After downloading and unpacking, enter the fjcontrib-1.054/ directory and then run

./configure [--fastjet-config=FILE] [--prefix=...] [...]
make check         # optional
make install
By default the package installs to the same directories as the FastJet installation.

A contribution named "SomeContrib" is usually accessed by including "fastjet/contrib/SomeContrib.hh" in your C++ file, and linking with -lSomeContrib.

Developer access

The process (updated after hepforge update, still under test) for those who wish to develop their own contribution or submit new ones is to use svn to checkout the contrib framework. You will need a hepforge account if you want to commit anything (contact the fjcontrib maintainers with your hepforge username to get write access).

svn checkout fjcontrib then run a local script to get the current set of individual contribs cd fjcontrib/
Further information and instructions are given in the README and DEVEL-GUIDELINES files.